THE MARRIAGE – A Story of Love and Friendship

The film tells the story of Julia Brian, an Uruguayan transsexual and Ignacio González, a former construction worker. It is a story of love and friendship.
They met on Christmas Eve twenty years ago in a square, both feeling lonely. They have been inseparable ever since.
Julia is now 65 years old. Oscar Alberto is the name he used until his teenage years. He began to cross-dress, going by the name of Julia.
In 1993, the Uruguayan government – after rigorous physical and psychological tests - approves and carries out the sex reassignment operation. The second man-to-woman sex reassignment operation ever to take place in the country. Paradoxically, Julia had to wait till 2005 for the Uruguayan State to acknowledge her gender identity.
Ignacio is 75 years old and one can see how hard his life has been. How he somehow survived with casual jobs. How he drank exessively. How he lived in the streets.
When he met Julia, he found hope and stability. He found a home. This is the story of "The Marriage". It is a simple story of ordinary people who, through a stroke of luck, found each other at a public square.